Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finishing projects

Somehow I recently ended up with two scarves (same pattern, different yarns), two hats (different patterns and yarns) and a pair of socks all on the needles concurrently. There were sound reasons why, but that's still a lot of unfinished knitting to have lying around.

The first Palindrome scarf (so named because it looks the same whichever side you're looking at) was in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky left over from the Big Bloke Sweater. I thought that the four left-over skeins would be plenty but it looked too short and had to be put on hold while I tracked down the fifth and final skein (thank you Julie H., whose ravelry stash I raided). Meanwhile I'd started another one in a slightly lighter-weight yarn, since it's such a good TV project (simple enough not to need looking at most of the time but interesting enough to keep one's attention).

One of the hats was a Koolhaas in a yarn I'd bought only one skein of, despite having made it umpteen times before and knowing full well it requires two. Having bought the lovely baby wool while in the UK I ran out and ended up having to get the necessary second one sent to me in America, as it appears not to be sold this side of the Atlantic. Since this is such nice wool and I have made a lot of Koolhaas Hats, maybe I'll actually keep this one for myself. (I made one during my UK visit, which was acquired by my 16-year old French nephew, started a second which I couldn't finish due to the lack of the crucial second skein, and then set off on a third, which was quickly finished and will be winging its way back to the UK for my mother-in-law whenever I can get my act together enough to write a note, address an appropriately-sized padded envelope and go to the post office.)

Shedir 2.1The other hat was my second Shedir, using the second skein of Rowan Calmer. Since the first one took slightly more than one skein I made the second had smaller and guess what? It won't fit on my melon of a head. I looks more like a yarmulke than a fully-fledged hat. Know anyone with a tiny cranium? Since I love the crown of this pattern so much I will probably end up buying one more skein of the yarn (where have I heard that before?) and making the third one for my own use. In which case, maybe I should get a different colour ... This is how I end up with many small hanks of wool left over.

Rainbow Socks 1The socks were a pattern I'd been longing to do, only to find the whole short row thing really annoying on five 2mm needles. I also made a mistake at an early stage of the first sock but couldn't be arsed to change it. The idea of breaking up the stripes of self-striping sock yarn and turning it into blocks of colour was a good one, but the process wasn't enough fun for the result. I forced myself to make the second sock and now they'll do for cold winter nights, after some serious blocking.

Kureyon 40.3To make up for the disappointment, and to celebrate the receipt of some unexpected money, I splashed out on 24 (count 'em, 24) skeins of Noro Kureyon in shade number 40, for the making of a Lizard Ridge blanket. Ever since Jackie made one in a very restrained colour I've been lurking on ravelry, looking at the many versions of this. Originally I had intended to pick up bargain priced skeins in all sorts of colours, like the original version, but I realized that the one shade version is more to my taste. The pattern author's one-colourway version is knitted in a single, large piece, which is too much of a nuisance for me to contemplate. With Jackie's advice I've compromised and am making long strips instead of squares. The yarn is a complete joy to work with.

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