Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My poor, neglected blog

My only excuse is that I've been too busy knitting and, you know, having a life, to post much to you. I still feel bad about it though. I never even posted my MIL's Christmas present, a green sleeveless V-neck made per her request. It worked out quite well and I look forward to forcing her to wear it modelling it when I am back in the UK in September.

Of course, I have made another hat. This time it's my third Shedir, hopefully for me and just as a hat, not a chemo cap. And no, my head isn't that shape or colour, but the medicine ball shows up a hat's pattern beautifully.

As a crazy European, I also made a string bag. Now I just need a real market, preferably in France, where I can browse stalls of gorgeous, locally-produced fruit and vegetables, sample cheeses of character, break crusty bread and even find a bottle or three of young red wines. Then I can stuff all those goodies into this bag.

Too small, you say? Won't accommodate all that, you say? Well you, my friend, are so wrong. This baby can take five dozen full-sized bagels. Baker's dozens at that. See?

Whether I could still lift it with all that swag in it is another matter.