Thursday, March 6, 2008


Started the koolhaas hat, designed by Brooklyn Tweed and inspired by the Seattle Library, the architect of which was Rem Koolhaas. It went on the needles a couple of days ago and is going well so far, slightly fiddly but not difficult. I sent a picture of a finished one to my half-brother the architect and he now wants one. Apart from anything else, it's a small project that can fit into a bag, or even a pocket. As a result I think it may be one I have a version of on the needles much of the time from now on.

Meanwhile I am nearly at the end of My So-Called Scarf #4. It is probably long enough already and will just need crocheting round the edges to finish it. I have yarn for another few of these. Obsessed, moi?

The wool/silk cabled sweater I've been working on since, oh, around 2005, needs an inch more on the neck at most. Other than that it's finished, sewn up and everything. I'll be brave and wash it after I cast off the neck, and see how it ends up.

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